Introduction to Seasonal Cooking is a workshop series designed to underscore the importance of cooking in the home, for both health and budget.  By focusing on fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients, we hope to spread the joy of cooking and sharing meals to families throughout Ashtabula County.

The Introduction to Seasonal Cooking series contains four workshops, spread out over each season of the year.  Each of the four workshops will focus on local, seasonal cooking.  Attendees will work together to create a take-home meal for their families, as well as create a one-week meal plan featuring seasonal ingredients.  Classes will also feature sections on food preservation, wild edibles, and herbs.

Workshops will be presented by Courtney Johnson, of Havenwood Farm, Stephanie Blessing & John Wright of Red Beet Row, and Meghan Davis, of Honey Hollow Herbs.

Each attendee will receive a copy of Leanne Brown’s Good & Cheap, a cookbook focused on eating well within a $4/person/day budget.  This cookbook will form the backbone of the seasonal recipes used in the class.  Every attendee that completes ALL workshops will receive a take-home “Kitchen in a Box” set of kitchen tools.

The cost for the series is $100/person, or $25/class.  Scholarships are available.


or learn more about the individual workshops below:


Download the Introduction to Seasonal Cooking flyer here! 

Workshop I: Introduction to Seasonal Eating (May 13, 2017)
Learn about seasonal eating and the food calendar.  
Ingredient Focus: Asparagus, Greens, Eggs, Maple Syrup
Skills Focus: Knife skills, sauté, food preservation by freezing

Workshop II: The Fruits of Summer (August 19, 2017)
The height of the summer harvest.  Learn about the best summer foods Ohio has to offer.
Ingredient Focus: Corn, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers
Skills Focus: Knife skills, frying, food preservation by refrigerator pickling

Workshop III: Celebrating the Harvest (October 28, 2017)
The fall harvest of Ohio is ripe with foods that love to be put up for Winter.
Ingredient Focus: Root vegetables, squash, beans, apples
Skills Focus: Knife skills, roasting, baking, preservation by dehydration

Workshop IV: Comfort Food (December 16, 2017) 
Seasonal winter eating is a challenge overcome by creative cooking and a stocked pantry.
Ingredient Focus: Beef, potatoes, cabbage
Skills Focus: Knife skills, braising, preservation by fermentation