Beyond the Basics: Advanced Seasonal Workshops is a workshop series designed for students that have completed The Introduction to Seasonal Cooking, or for those who are comfortable with basic kitchen skills and are looking to expand their repertoire.

The Beyond the Basics series contains four workshops, which can be taken individually or as an entire series.  Each of the four workshops will focus on an in-depth skill set that allows better use of seasonal, local ingredients.  Attendees will work hands-on in each class, and will take home the product of their classes.  Ingredients included.  Optional equipment fee for each class allows attendees to purchase the exact equipment used.

Workshops will be presented by Courtney Johnson, of Havenwood Farm and Meghan Davis, of Honey Hollow Herbs.


The cost for each class is listed below.  Scholarships are available.


or learn more about the individual workshops below:


Download the Beyond the Basics flyer here!

Workshop I: Soups, Stocks & Broths 
Learn about creating stocks and broths, and building soups with complex flavors.   

Each attendee will receive a pint of chicken stock, a pint of beef broth, and a quart of soup to take home.  Ingredients are locally grown where possible, and certified organic when not.  

Class Cost: $50

Equipment Fee: None


Workshop II: Fresh & Dried Pasta 
Learn about creating and cooking with fresh pasta.  Class recipes include fresh egg noodles with a cream sauce, ravioli, and dried fettuccine.  Ingredients are locally grown where possible, and certified organic when not.  

Class Cost: $75

Optional Equipment Fee: $30 (Includes sil pat, french rolling pin, ravioli cutter)


Workshop III: Advanced Preservation 
Preservation techniques for pantry-building, including dehydration, canning, infusion, and salting.  Class recipes include dried herbs, dried tomatoes, blueberry jam, infused olive oil, and salted herbs.  Ingredients are locally grown where possible, and certified organic when not.  This day-long class includes time for lunch.

Class cost: $100
Optional Equipment Fee: $120 (Includes canner, canning tools, dehydrator)

Optional Lunch: $12


Workshop IV: Breadmaking: Boules & Baguettes (December 2, 2017, 1pm – 6pm) 
Learn the basics of breadmaking.  Class recipes include sourdough boule, sourdough starter, french baguette, and Italian sandwich bread.

Class cost: $50
Optional Equipment Cost: $100 (Includes enameled dutch oven, baguette pan, 12″ loaf pan, bread lame.)